About us

WAKE YOUR DREAMS is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs Vainul and Saneer, one of whom has a masters in luxury brand management and the other has a degree in international business from universities based in london. Both founders have been avid students of Fashion, Luxury & Art which prompted them to synergise their efforts and transform them into an optimistically fruitful venture. They call themselves 'Curators in Process' with an understanding of emerging trends of european, american and asian cultures. They believe in the Desire of being different. Hence, with a do-it-yourself ethos they have amalgamated contemporary and functional hypebeast into one platform. Their inclination towards social media as digital literates motivated them to launch their own brand.


Each series speaks about the brand WAKE YOUR DREAMS. It’s simple yet aesthetically pleasing. Our colors relate to ELEMENTS OF THE SKY as staring at the sky makes us think and daydream. The concept is to inspire people who follow their dreams, to do as they desire not what pleases the societal norms. It’s surreal imagination and dreamy ideas which we want to showcase in our clothing.


Give perspective to apparel.


Create cult following. It’s minimal yet subtle contemporary art. Breaking the nominal creative barriers and get into the surreal aesthetics of dreams.

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