Our Story

Founder's note:
Wake Your Dreams was conceived with purpose and passion. Our goal has always been to combine luxury with an appreciation for the environment.
Our ethos centers around immaculate craftsmanship, celebrating local skill and creativity. Yet, we are also trailblazing explorers, experimenting with exquisite fabrics from Italy, South Korea, and Spain. Embracing conscientiousness, we present a curated collection of ready-made & made-to-order pieces, a conscious choice to minimize waste and maximize every fabric's potential.

Perfectly captures the spirit of "Wake Your Dreams," our collections transcend passing trends and are committed to making clothes that last. Trust our Journey as we present you luxury, elegance and sustainability.

Let the dreams awaken.

Collection III

Irene, our third collection, represents a fusion of visionary design and timeless elegance, building upon our foundational ethos. This collection continues to push the boundaries of creativity and sophistication.

Irene unfolds in multiple segments, each offering a unique perspective on fashion. The initial segment showcases meticulously crafted, timeless designs, tailored to perfection. From sleek silhouettes to modern detailing.

Irene invites you to embrace a world where dreams meet reality, sustainability, elegance, and innovation. Each piece in this collection embodies peace and reflects our dedication to creating fashion that not only looks good but also contributes positively to the world.

Designer Profile

Wake Your Dreams, is now in its second collection, a noticeable transition from a minimalistic streetwear label to a contemporary brand.

The design process is divided into two distinct but complementary parts, reflecting the brand's ideology: a move towards made-to-order and sustainability, as well as a focus on waste reduction. The co-founders operate within their individual niches, harnessing their creative aspects to bring unique perspectives to the brand's development. Our three worded brands stands on three pillars-

Saneer Malhotra, focusing on brand building, fabric sourcing, and overseeing the transition. He plays a pivotal role in coordinating photo shoots and collaborating with various artisans to create exceptional garments.

Guruvinayak Budhwar, on the other hand, delves into the fundamental design perspective, infusing artistic elements into the brand since its inception. His work involves experimenting with different techniques and artworks, while adding depth to the brand's narrative.

Vainul Gandotra has had a prominent role in luxury jewellery has significantly contributed to the brand's overall identity. "Wake Your Dreams" has always been more than just a clothing label, and Vainul's expertise in couture, along with a keen eye for detail, has provided clarity in defining the brand. Her extensive experience in the fashion industry has proven invaluable in shaping the brand's trajectory.

Vainul Gandotra
Saneer Malhotra
Guruvinayak Singh