Our Story

Founder's note:
The idea of writing this note is to describe my love and appreciation for the brand and the community connected with it. I never used our platform to express the brand ideology since I believe it's always better to present the creation instead of communicating its vision board. I was happy to take two years and build upon the brand because I wanted to be as close to perfection as possible. However, mistakes are always possible, and I believe it helps solidify the brand's foundation and becomes a stepping stone for the brand's journey. The brand ethos was always about creating eco-conscious clothing and creating timeless fashion. In addition, we made brand storytelling upon the community of creators, thinkers, and artists, pushing boundaries and believing in their dreams, giving perspective to our apparel.

Collection 1

Collection 1 was the beginning of the brand's journey, where we visualized and got into the creative process of building t-shirts based on 'elements of the sky'—taking inspiration from the colours of the sky. The brand idea was to build a collection around seasonless pieces that blend like a symphony. Photographers intentionally used the monochrome style to connect with the brand's ethos and how it resembles the modern era. The brand aesthetics features a monochromatic uniform style; it's about creating a complete look. But also experimental, the Pantone shades of brand blend in with every piece of clothing in the collection. It is the personality traits that are also able to help visualize his style and appearance. Wake Your Dreams also believes in being eco-conscious and creating seasonless pieces. In addition, the brand believes in the need for primary and good quality fabricated fashion.