Artistry anima

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The plan behind this expression searches to design and concentrates on the essence of the atmosphere. The feel concerning this fragrance is, an artist occupied in a blossom yard accompanying luscious flowers encircling him while he is occupied with the artwork. The scent helps to find your innermost self and there’s an artist in all conveying their silver lining on their blank canvas.

About the scent:
The anti-perfume perfume concept and philosophy that Naso abides by drives us to explore ingredients that are more local, organic, raw and dirty. The wild and free-flowing nature of this scent and its ingredients aims at allowing your aura and creativity to run wild. The rustic nature of Basil forms the top of the scent and the green take on Jasmine, i.e., the play of the jasmine stem forms the base with the unique rich flavor of the Bulgarian Rose and Aqua at the heart.

Top Notes: Basil
Heart Notes: Bulgarian Pink Rose and Aqua
Base Notes: Jasmine Leaf

50ml : 56mmx94mmx56mm